4 Tips To End OAB, And One The Drs. Don’t Want You To Know About.

I was 40 years old when this all began. Diagnosed with prostate cancer, I found out by having my first digital examination. No big deal, 15 seconds of unpleasantness of a all in all pretty nice day. Afterwards I had blood work done. They test for my PSA level.

The results of the PSA came back high. The level was 4 nanograms, I had the prostate of a 75 year old man. After two biopsy, it was confirmed that I needed to have a Radical Prostectomy. Yes , it’s as bad as it sounds. 8 weeks out of work. Full Incontinence, and it goes with you saying sexual ED. It would be 8 monrhs until I could leave the house without a incontinence pad.

After those long 8 months I was back normal , my new normal I should say. Everthing was good accept I could not hold my urine for very long. Like, I’m talking , every hour and a half I would have to find a restroom . Plus, that urge would be accompanied by a stabbing pain in my pelvic area or grown area.

After seeing the doctor, and going through all types of test. Finally after figuring out that the Drs. had no clear and definite treatment for my problems. One doctor even said that the pain was all in my head.

I was adventualy prescribed Oxibutin. This worked pretty good, no side effects. I was able to sleep though the night. Also during the day the bathroom stops was greatly decreased. The only problem was the cost . With insurance it was costing me $35.00 per month. The problem was that I would run out and the symptoms would return . This is why I started looking for a alternative to Oxibutin.

Tips to regain your life.

1. Do kegel exercises. I was use to doing these from when I was in recovery you from my Prostectomy. To do the kangal exercises all you have to do is flex your groin muscles as if you were trying to stop the flow of urine. You should hold this for about 15 to 20 seconds and then relax. The great thing about doing kegel exercises is that you can do them anywhere and no one knows that you’re doing them. Or you can do this more advanced move by laying on your back and arching your back upward while flexing your buttocks muscles.

2. Bladder training, set goals for yourself to not go to the bathroom at the first signs of bladder signals. Extend the length of time between your restroom breaks. I’m up to 3 hour or more.

3. Pumpkin Seeds, In my search for a OAB cure I came across a article on pumpkin seeds. It sounded a little far fetch. I tried it and low and behold , it worked. Now I’m using pumpkin seed exact oil. I put a 2 tablespoons in my oatmeal every morning.

4. Ibuprofen is my secret weapon against OAB. That’s right , plain generic over the counter lbuprofen. I take 2 ibuprofen tablets once a day. No side effects that I can tell. I have read that some people have experienced problems not being able to empty their bladder. I have not had any such problems.

In fact by following this regiment I sleep 6 to 8 hours straight through the night. No more waking up 3 and 4 times a night. My life has been improved 10 fold. I can go to the movies with out having to excuse myself for bathroom breaks. I recently went on a bus tour through northern Italy and I was able to go to use normal interval restroom breaks.

So in conclusion, I would say if you’re suffering from OAB, I would simply follow these four steps to take your life back. Don’t just resolve to bear this pain and suffering and inconvenience for the rest of your life. Take charge of your life, make these changes and start living your best life. If anyone has any questions please feel free to leave a comment or even your own tips for overactive bladder syndrome.

Brazilian Visa, VFS Global

To get your Brazilian Visa you will have to go through VFS Global to get your e-visa. You will do everything online .


Documents that you will need are:

  • Passport photo
  • Copy of passport bio page
  • Minors will need consent form

Passport photo

The passport photos can be made very easily by using an app from the Google play store. ID PHOTO STUDIOWith this app you will be able tell meet all the photos requirements. Which are ,white background, file must be less than 700kb. The file must be downloaded in a JPEG format.

This this is an approved photo by Brazil. I would suggest a picture without eyeglasses. Notice the background is completely white, with no Shadow present in the photo.

Passport bio page

Now you must download your passport bio page. This page will need to be downloaded in the jpeg format. The file size must be no larger than 300 mb. Also, it must be a machine readable passport.

Child consent form

If you are taking a child under 18 you will need a child consent form signed by either one parent or Guardian or both parents or Guardian. This must be downloaded from the VFS web page. This form can not be any larger than 700 kb. Also this form must be in PDF form.

If problems occurs

After submitting your application and passport pictures and documents, most likely there will be something wrong. DO NOT PANIC. At this time you need to resubmit whichever document they say have field. Do not submit these document via reply email. Submit these document by signing back on to VFS Global e-visa tracker and submit new documents in that manner. Again do not attach your new document to reply email.


I rate this system a 2 out of 5 stars. Although, their staff are very helpful in fixing problems, the problems that they are fixing are the ones that they created. So give yourself plenty of time, your application is good for 30 days I would suggest to give yourself a full month before your trip to get your visa completed. Thank you for taking the time to read this. If there is any problems or questions, please leave a comment and I will be sure to get back to you.

Designing a T-SHIRT-


Last week we talked about self motivation. This week I said we would talk about design and marketing. After thinking about it I think we should break this up into two separate blogs. By breaking this into two separate blogs, we’ll be able to dive into each subject more in-depth. Let’s get started.

Where to start when designing a eye catching t-shirt

The design should be something that you are interested in, at least for that period of time. Or it could be current events and trends. For instance the first shirts I design for Gorilla War Where was ” I am not your trophy,” shirts. This subject interest at me because I had just seen on CNN the documentary about rich people going trophy hunting in Africa.


Ok, ok. I know my followers have seen these shirts a thousand times already, one person in response to my #Bantrophyhunting, said I should ban trophy hunting T-Shirts . It was so funny I had to give him a like.

But I dragged these shirts out again for an example of design . These simple design were free. All you have to do is Get the app Pixabay, https://pixabay.com , it is free from the App Store. From pixabay you can download free artwork and then I just add the text.

Next type of design would be political. Marketing your design to groups and pages with that topic or point of view.

A good example of a political oriented shirt would be my ” I am not a sh-t hole country”. The arts for the print was something I had done many years ago and was perfect for this purpose once I had to artwork I’ve been added the text and that was done that quick. Check out the design at: http://gorillawarwear.us.com

Ok thanks for checking me out. Next time marketing your business. Oh if you want to see the back of this shirt , check it out at http://gorillawarwear.us.com

Nightmare to Brazil.

So you want to go to Brizil?

Brazil was my dream destination. Ever since I was a you man , I’ve always wanted to visit South America. The beautiful beaches sunsets and music has always drawn me to Brazil. When I was a young man I wanted to go to Carnival to enjoy the samba bands and the Lively crowds.

I’ve been planning this trip for almost 30 years. When I was in my twenties I got my first passport and was raring to go. That was, l until I priced the trip and it was way too expensive. I think that was the driving force for me doing well in my career. In hopes that one day I would be able to make dream trip to Brazil.

Oooh, some 25 years later, I’m established and I have a family. We saved enough money to take my dream vacation. My wife and I were able to

First roadblock.

Americans need a travel visa to enter into Brazil. When I initially investigated the travel visa I found out that it would cost$160 hours per person. I also discovered that in order to get the visa you would have to make an appointment at your local Brazilian Consulate. In addition you could only go to the Brazilian Consulate after making an appointment. Absolutly no walk inside allowed. So yah, that make it as difficult as possible to get to your visa.

very empractical for you to get your visa on your own. But luckily you are able to hire a company 2 take your Visa package application to the consulate for a fee of about $80. So when it’s all said and done your Visa would have cost around $260. For a family of three I’ll be about $780.

VFS Global,”e-visa.

VFS Global is a company that the country of Brazil has to compile all the necessary documents for your Visa. VSF Global I thought it would be the knight in shining armor. January 25th 2018 VFS Global would start handling and processing Brazil’s Visa applications. This would be a great benefit because now instead of costing $160 plus a fee to pay a company to deliver your visa application to the Brazilian Consulate at $80 per application. You would be able to do the entire application online.

Now the nightmare begins.

Hours apon hours was spent just trying to fill out the online application. That is one application for three people. Ok, the problems you will encounter while doing your application.

  1. Pictures will not download due to size of the file.
  2. Picture downloads but the picture is too small to be recognized.
  3. Picture is too dark.
  4. Pictures are in the wrong file format they must be in jpeg
  5. Some documents must be in PDF and some documents are allowed to be in jpeg
  6. Documents file size too large.
  7. The passports image is to small.
  8. The passport file size is to large

I finally got the application complete and submit it. Days later I get an email stating that one set of pictures are too small. I respond to that with more pictures.

After having my application for 4 weeks VFS Global neglected to tell me that my wife did not qualify for a Visa. They declined her visa, and when asked why they said they do not know why we called the council it and they informed us that my wife was born in Brazil and that she needed a Brazilian passport at this time it was a week before my trip and my wife did not have her Brazilian birth certificate

That’s enough for right now my next blog will discuss how to get your VFS Visa in the most time efficient manner possible .

Motivate Yourself

Ok, my name is Joe Edwards, owner of Gorilla War Wear, T-SHIRTS and apparel. I’m 54 years old and I decided to start my own business. This is how I did it.

1st thing I new was that I needed something that I generally like doing, and would probably be doing that activity with or without a business .

Those activities for me was something artsy fartsy things. I have always enjoyed painting and drawing and also music.

After brain storming for a day or so, I decided on tee printing. And actually, I should Mention that 20 years ago I owned a screen printing business. Until I lost everything in a divorce , but that’s a whole nother story.

  • So my decision to goes with https://www.Printful.com was made because they make running an ecommerce business as simple as can be. On Printful site you can make the connection with several different estores. I chose.https://www.Storenvy.com



  • The reasons for choosing this platform.
  • Was that it was simple to set up.
  • Pricing ,easy to understand
  • Ease of adding my products

Motivation, why start a business.

I was like most people , spending a lot of time enteracting with social media. Play games and not really productively doing anything but waisting time.

Sure , as I mentioned I would draw and paint and play music for hours. But I started to want more . More of what? More reward for all the time a effort I was putting. Plus it never hurts to have a side Hussle.

Next time,

We talk about design and niches .


Leave some comments and questions.